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Featured Artists

Michele deLong    

Michele has been designing and making silver jewelry for the past 55 years. All her pieces are her original designs and work. Michele studied at the Tyler Art School in Philadelphia, Pa. She then studied with Olaf Skoogfors and Stanley Lexon. Michele has retired from silversmithing and is now concentrating on her painting and sketching. She resides on Orcas Island in the Washington, San Juan Islands. We are fortunate to have her as a sister and have her work in our studio.

Annabel Humber

Annabel grew up in the Lake District in England, which instilled a love of nature that is reflected in the jewelry she creates.  She originally studied graphic design but after a couple of jewelry making classes she was hooked.  Her designs are intricate in detail and she uses a variety of traditional techniques.  We love having her work in our studio and many of our customers seek out her designs.

Guillermo Arregui Sierra

” I enjoy life and I love being alive…..I feel happy when people like my designs. I love the idea that my jewelry becomes a part of yourself when you wear it”

Guillermo was born in Jaen, Spain and traveled through out Europe before settling in Mexico. He studied jewelry at the institute of Fine Arts in Taxco, Mexico. Guillermo is a lover of unique hand made work, he has an inquisitive and creative mind and soul. Guillermo designs and produces jewelry in a variety of techniques with natural stones. We have been very lucky to have his work in our studio for many years

Carlos Estrada Morales

Carlos is a accomplished silversmith who works out of Taxco Mexico. We have had the pleasure of working with Carlos for many years.

Antonio Serafin

We have enjoyed many years of collaborating our lapidary work with Antonio’s designs. He is a successful silversmith working out of Taxco, Mexico.

Alon Diller

Alon is from Israel and has traveled extensively in Africa, South and Central America. He arrived in Taxco, Mexico in 1996 to study jewelry making at The School of Fine Arts. Since 2005, he has sold his unique pieces from his store as well as in galleries throughout Mexico and beyond.

Agnes Seebass

Agnes started her extraordinary career as a goldsmith in Germany. From there, she moved to Mexico to study silver-smithing techniques and design. Agnes currently resides in Austin, Texas where she opened her own studio in 2012. Her award-winning work is carried by Art and Craft galleries throughout the U.S.A. and in Canada, by us!

Rafael Ramos Ruiz

Rafael is an accomplished silversmith from Queretaro, Mexico. He likes to use hand engraving and gold accents with high quality gemstones.

Fabio Marcello Rizzo

Fabio is from Sicily and we are honored to have some of his work in our studio.  He works mainly in silver and loves to be challenged with the creation of a new design and transforming it into a piece of jewelry.

“Designing makes me feel alive! I was born in Italy and when I was traveling I found in Mexico the perfect place to get started, especially in Taxco.  Here I studied at the School of Fine Arts as well as with a renowned master.  I worked very hard to learn this craft which I consider to be an art form without end.”

Julieta Toledo

Julieta was born in Taxco and learned to work with silver at a young age. 

“Nature has always been my source of inspiration, as my father would come home from the mine with quartz, minerals and gemstones. I loved to see these beautiful jewels formed by the earth and the veins of silver in the rocks.’

Tips on Care & Storage of Sterling Silver Jewelry

  • Wear it often. One of the easiest ways to prevent tarnish is to simply wear your jewelry.
  • Put your jewelry on last. This gives your lotions, make up, and perfumes time to absorb first.
  • Never wear your silver in hot tubs, swimming pools, mineral springs, as well as when in direct contact with household cleaning products.
  • The best way to clean residue and oils from the surface of silver is to wipe it gently with a silver polishing cloth.
  • Avoid use of paper and coarse fibre, as these can scratch the surface.
  • Do not store your silver jewelry in bathrooms, as the moist air can promote tarnish.
  • Many commercial silver cleaners can harm your silver. Mild detergent applied with a soft baby’s toothbrush and rinsed with water is much safer. Pat dry thoroughly.
  • Store each piece separately in an airtight plastic bag with a silica gel pack or anti tarnish strip.

As long as you keep up with periodic maintenance and store it properly, your sterling silver jewelry will bring you years of enjoyment.

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